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We have been involved in all styles and genres of roots music since 1977. Agency, promoter, and label. We started in the live music game, but those wonderful artists like Louisiana Red, Professor Longhair, and Jimmy Rogers were just too tempting—we had to start a record label. Sessions in England started it all, and then quickly we started recording in the U.S.A. as well—jazz in New York with Illinois Jacquet and Junior Mance, and, of course, our magnificent series of Chicago blues sessions with Buddy Guy, Byther Smith, Carey Bell, Johnny Littlejohn, and so many other greats from the 1970s to 2000s. Somewhere along the line, we bumped into the wonderful pioneer of remastering vintage recordings, John R.T. Davies, and another wonderful chapter started. We also became a leading label for wonderfully remastered and presented complete sets of classic jazz, blues, country, and even Greek Rembetika, Hawaiian, and British music hall.

We remain committed today to both the contemporary and the vintage.

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